About Us

We are passionate here at the www.earthcareproducts.co.uk website abut all things organic and also we promote healthy living, however unlike many of the other website you will find that specialize in those topics we will not be trying to selling you any products! We prefer to keep this website to giving you access to a range of factual information in regards to where you can find the best organic foods and also letting you know how you can make all manner of tasty yet healthy foods. We are always eager to receive feedback and suggestions for additional content and as such if that is something you are happy to do then please do register to allow you to make posts and comments on any of our blog posts, or get in touch with us if you wish to suggest any additional content that you would like to see us compile and make available on the Earth Care Products website. Also we would like you to be aware that we are always updating this website with additional content and with that in mind please do keep on checking back as there will always be some fresh and up to date content for you to read. One way that you can do so is by bookmarking our website which will make finding it and returning to it much easier. Please do take a good look round this site and we hope you enjoy your visit and we do hope that we will see you again real soon.