Healthy living and poker

Healthy living and poker

One of the important factors in succeeding in poker is a healthy diet. A healthy routine along with a good diet increases of chances of succeeding immensely. Finding a good a balance is difficult but we should always be striving as players to live a healthy lifestyle. Studies done have proven time and time again people who exercise and eat right perform better at work. We should be looking to cut out stuff like sugar, alcohol and smoking while at the same time we need to
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Texas hold ‘em is the most popular poker game and it is with high chances that anyone playing poker is playing this variation of the game. The casino however presents many different variations of poker, some of which are outlined below. The game variation that is played at any table is always declared at the beginning of the game. It is in major tournaments that one variation is chosen at the beginning for the sake of consistency and clarifications. This is why poker players need to understand each different type quite well.

Texas Hold ‘em

This is the most common poker version and is the one commonly played during the World Series of Poker on TV. As mentioned before, this is what you will probably find most people playing. It involves the dealer dealing two pocket cards or hole cards to the players before they begin waiting for the dealer to reveal 5 community cards. The players bet after they are dealt with the hole cards and then when the first three community cards have been revealed. Two more bets are then placed and they happen after the 4th and the 5th community cards are revealed. A player then combines their hole cards and the communal cards with the revealed cards and the best hand wins.


This is very similar to Hold ‘em as the rules are almost the same expect for a few. The dealer deals four cards to each player (not to as in hold ‘em) and each of them tries to make a hand. To do this, a player should use two hole cards and three board cards. The betting then goes on as it does in hold ‘em. This happens till the end where each player shows their four-card hand. The winner of the pot is the player that has the best five-card hand.


Here, each of the player is handed 5 (for 5-card stud) or 7 (for 7-card stud) cards with the dealer (depending on the number of players) and they are expected to play their best hand from the group. The game is not as short as it may seem as it consists of many rounds in which the cards face up and face down. The very first player to place their bet is expected not to remain the same as the rounds pass.


This variation has the simplest of rules when compared to all other variations and is probably the first game all poker novices learn. It is however difficult to find it at many casinos although commercial casinos continue to offer it. In this game, the player is handed a set number of cards and the tries to get the best hand by drawing unsuitable cards as each round passes. The players may trade either one or three of the cards in their hand hoping that they may get better cards to make a perfect hand. This game tends to involve even up to 8 participants.

There are many other variations but the ones above are the most common. The amount of cash placed always depends with the player.

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